Radio Remote Controls

Itowa Remote Controls

Itowa have a wide range of remote controls for cranes, overheads cranes and any other industrial machinery. Our ranges of remote controles are called: Tunner, Winner, Combi, Set Val, Beton, Boggy and Banner are designed with the most advanced techonology and build with the most resistant materials to control the majority of the industrial applications. Our remote controls allow interventions to be programmed and configured without tools, easily, both the transmitter and the receiver.


Banner range brings all the techonological advances of our remote controls handset in a traditional format.

Its innovative design allows lateral to add the operation acturators expanding capability and making easy its use to the operator. 


The Beton range of remote controls has been designed to Control Specifically concrete pumps. Thanks to its versatility, it is used for the remote control of all types of digital or analogical and proportional concrete pumps and electro-hydraulic applications.

As the operator now is able to move around freely, a significant cost saving in staff and maintenance is guaranteed. It also provides greater safety in the control of certain maneuvers by eliminating blind spots, etc. As it is a wireless remote without the need for wires control speed is increase in operations, leading to greater profitability.



The range has Boggy, the most advanced wireless techology integrated in a classic remote control, ideal for construction and industrial cranes and for any type of electro-mechanical machinery.

The digital electronic application of the transmitter in a Telemecanique push-button casing, combine the latest technology with tradition, so that its main features it maintains such as resistance, strength, durability, original push-buttons, etc. And also with the most meets stringent safety standards.



The Combi range is perfect for the remote control of building and industrial cranes, bridge cranes and all electro-mechanical machinery. It provides greater safety, as it enables the operator to be optimally located in the hardest working conditions. Greater profitability is achieved also saving in time and staff.

Its exclusive design combine strength, class and easy-handling incorporating the latest techonology. One of its advantages is that can be manoeuvres several carries out simultanteously.



The receiver model is IT3R10 compatible with the whole range of Itowa Radio Remote Controls.

The receiver of small dimensions, is modular and versatile, with internal connector, gland output and multi-options support.

Allows the handling without tools, which reduces the cost of techincal assistance and makes it easy programming and interventions for the configuration.


The model received IT3R16 is compatible with the whole range of Itowa Radio Remote Controls.

Its innovative design highlights fors its compact dimensions and its great maneuverability and versatility.

The IT3R16 includes latest technological advantances which together with other advantages as easy accessibility its possibility of a magnetic fixing, output by conpression gland.


The RX-06 receiver is compatible with the entire range of Itowa transmitters. Its design incorporates the latest technological advancements and advantages such as modularity, output connection via a connector and the option of magnetic fastening.

The 6 LEDs display all the necessary information to the functioning with regards, maintenance or programming of the equipment.

Its a simple configuration as well as its design ensures quick and easy maintenance without necessity for tools eventually. 


The Set-Val joysticks range with 5 or 6 paddle-type levers or two dual-axis, fully proportional, its specially designed for the remote control of electro-hydraulic machinery. The exclusive design of the transmitter combine strength, lightness, comfort and safety uses the latest technology.

The Set-Val radio control comes in two versions of manupulating control devices to analogically proportional maneuvers.


Basic remote. The issuer on a small keypad that has 7 double push-buttons and emergency stop button, is designed to meet the control needs of most industrial applications.

Its design incorporates technological advancement management system intelligent frequency change series.

Making a new material gives the weather and impact high resistance.


The Winner range has been designed to enable advanced monitoring over a wide variety of applications. Its design allows the greatest amount of features to radio remote control can have. The transmitter, with 10 double push-buttons has 5 status leds, which the system status display either or special functions.

Its design allows the possibility to incorporate the latest technological advances: such as infrared system (IR) or the Intelligent Changing Frequency Management (GCFI). 

The manufacturing using new durable materials provides the euipment with a greater resistance to weather conditions or either to possible negative impacts.