Frequency Inverter

PI9000 Vector Control Frequency Inverter

PI9000 series frequency inverter is a new high-performance frequency inverter, which is based on motor running and the new theories and technological achievements of control, with servo functions to finish the perfect control of the motor, to provide you with comprehensive solutions in high-end control fields.

This series frequency inverter is a high-quality, multi-function vector control frequency inverter. By decoupling control of motor magnetic flux current and torque current to achieve rapid –response and accurate torque control, high-precision of speed operation and torque control in a wide range.
The new hardware platform, scientific production technology and complete testing equipment to ensure the product is more stable and reliable applications.

Technical Features:

  • Central control module based on DSP (32 bits digital signal processor), achieves high-speed and high-performance control
  • Control Mode: Sensorless vector control (SVC), Sensor vector control (SVC), V/F Control
  • Automatic recognize the parameter of the motor, Intelligent tuning to the best control mode
  • Dead zone compensate function and automatic slip compensate function, 180% torque output can be achieved below 0.25Hz frequency
  • Simple PLC function, at most 15 segments speed control and 8 segments acceleration control can be realized
  • “One key to shuttle” keyboard, swirling free, two-way custom buttons with the demand for expansion
  • Multi-language, humanization display menu, highlight OLED simultaneous display 3 groups of state parameters
  • Keyboard is hot-pluggable and can restore or copy 4 groups of running parameter programs
  • Powerful communication function which can support standard RR485 and Modus, Meanwhile provide remote keyboard control
  • Unique EMC design minimizes pollution to the power
  • All strengthen the coating can work in various bad environment