Remote Control Systems


The DTR-08 is a radio modem to be used for applications need to connect that equipment with a serial port via radio. The advanced design makes it possible to adjust the transmitter power from 2W 30W at it till allows the DTR-08 that can be used to link short and long distances.

The DTR-08 is a clear radio modem, with the capacity to link a single transmission point to point to complex distributed till that needs to be monitoring adapted to operate with different link points. 



The Star Level range is composed by products can transmit signals via that radio, it is the best solution for remote and teleprocessing. They can make the remote control of pumping, tanks, alarm signals, pressure controls or whatever that may require a transmission of signals via radio at distance.

The remote controls have an easy and quick installation way and their use have many advantages as the security of the facilities, the optimization of resources, saves on staff and maintenance charges, etc. 


Star Level has the EXPAN model range, which allows to multipoint configuration for the link between multiple transmitters and / or receivers.

The Star Level EXPAN offers range from 8 to 24 remotes digital signals combined between them and configured for each application specifically.


MiniTiny model is designed to preform the wireless control of different types of processes. Its advances technology and versatility allows to do: from remote control of pumping, transmission of alarm signals till the industrial control of any application or processes requiring the digital transmission of signals via radio at close distance.


The SXT remote system is the perfect solution to cover your needs in control remote control, remote processing and transmission of signals in small or large networks over short distances multipoint up to 4 km.

Its modular design enables it to adapt to the specific needs of each application.


Tiny Blind

Tiny model has been designed for the radio control process. Allow to do: the remote control of pumps, transmission of alarm signals industrial process control, or any application requiring the transmission of digital signals via radio at a close distance.

Tiny range have different models of equipment from 16-28 which can transmit digital signals unidirectional point to point.